About the Site:

The site created by Manuel Carrizosa is His website is a website where he offers web design/development, SEO, and Social Media Marketing.  He wants to help individuals and small businesses with their website to help grow their business.

Sample Product:

He offers a basic website package that includes domain, hosting, home page, about page, contact page, and 1 blog post. This package is for individuals/businesses who are not on the internet yet and want to get started there.

Social Media:

I think the social networks his site might use are Facebook and LinkedIn. Facebook would help get his business known to a large market. LinkedIn would help his business grow and to help do networking.


One of Manuel’s challenges was making sure that everything works with each other. He wants to make sure it is fully functional. Getting everything to have easy and simple transitions is difficult but necessary to make it easier for visitors to his page/business.


Manuel enjoys the end result of his website creation. He enjoys seeing his hard work pay off and enjoying his work. Although the work is technically never done and always needs to be updated and change with the times, it’s great to see a drawing on a piece of paper turn into an interactive website.

Manuels homepage